To build a culture of mutual respect and inspire progress in our Industry. To provide the most competitive and maintain a high quality of services and customized it to each client need.

To be the most reliable, trusted and considered one of the best and economical companies in providing international logistics solutions.

- Performance

- Responsibility

- Innovation

- Customer Care

- Quality

YTS Targets to be an exceptional company giving our clients quality affordable services customized and tailored to suit their diverse needs.

Quality Assurance

YTS is dedicated to the planning and implementation of all the functions and actions required to satisfy contractual obligations. The Quality services of YTS are one of the most important of these. Each member of YTS’s management, through his/her decisions and actions, strives to create and maintain an indicating method that the quality of services is the first order of importance to YTS and is the responsibility of all employees. YTS Management has the responsibility and authority to assure company management and its Clients that all of YTS Services are in accordance with, or exceed, specification requirements in all respects.

The authority is vested in YTS Management to reject any item that does not meet specification requirements and to hold any process until fully corrected and to impound materials and equipment not compliant with The Company’s quality System. The Key Management is the final authority, within YTS, to determine whether any types of Services meet Client’s requirements, YTS's quality System, and if the Services are acceptable for providing to the Client.